Minor updates & paperbacks are BACK

  • The dead tree version of both Fade and Night’s Black Agents are available from Amazon in the links in the sidebar if you prefer the heady smell of library paper to pixels on a screen.
  • I just rounded the 72K mark on A Place for War. Planning on having that out to the editor and alpha readers by early October for an early November release.
  • Audiobook narration for A Place Called Hope has begun with a new narrator, hopefully for a late Q4 / early Q1 release. The audiobook of A Place For War will start production based on his schedule after that point.
  • My current (heavily-penciled in) schedule after I finish my current WIP consists of Come, Seeling Night in Q4 of this year, then beginning work on my contribution to the Heroes Unlimited shared universe (tentative title of Vigilance unless the Silver Empire folks decide on something else). Spring and summer will be the first Paxverse spin-off book, Tombstones, and I’ll start the next Pax trilogy once I’m done there. There may be an anthology in there as well depending on what happens. I think that’s enough on my plate, but who knows what else will come my way!
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