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Justice League is a blast. Rotten Tomatoes is not.

I’ve noticed something as an entertainment consumer here, lately. More often than not I find that I’m directly opposed to the ‘smart takes’ from the critics who we’re supposed to consider experts in the field. Justice League has been getting … Continue reading

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A Place Outside the Wild Takes Survival During the Zombie Apocalypse Seriously

Originally posted on Every Day Should Be Tuesday:
Campbellian science fiction, especially hard science fiction, gets a hard time in the quarters I run in.  Epic fantasy is denigrated in favor of slim sword and sorcery paperbacks.  I like a…

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New release day!

There are some fun stories in this anthology. Check it out. My personal faves are the ones by Jon Del Arroz and Brad Torgerson. Seems unfair to tab my own as my fave.

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