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Cross post from Vampires Suck

Yesterday, I dropped a bit of my take on the use of vampires in modern horror and urban-fantasy. Cliff’s Notes: I’m all in for monsters. Not so much when it comes to suave European royalty a la Bela Lugosi and Anne Rice. … Continue reading

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Fade IN

That’s right, folks. Book one of the Paxton Locke series is available for sale once more. Much appreciation to Russell and the rest of the crew at Silver Empire for giving Pax and the gang a home. We’ve got big … Continue reading

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#FreeAwfulNovel Part 8: The Revenge of the Doorstop

Okay, just to reiterate something I said in my last post: I want to travel back in time and smack myself. Chapter 10 clocked in at 71 pages. Chapter 11? 151. I’m trying to remember if I did that on … Continue reading

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