New release day: For Steam and Country

I got the chance to take an early look at Jon Del Arroz’s latest book, “For Steam and Country”, and it’s a dandy. If you’re into steampunk and acts of derring-do, the book is right up your alley.Ā Jon is one of sci-fi’s up-and-coming new voices, and he’s a big proponent of keeping fiction fun. I think that’s something we can all get behind.

I asked Jon if I he’d be willing to do an interview to help promote his new release, and he happily obliged.

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This is it

If Helen of Troy was the face that launched a thousand ships, this is the sort of review that makes you want to write three or four more pages. Books, even. šŸ˜‰

I find zombies boring… and I still LOVED this book


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And just like that . . .

The audiobook of Fade is now available on Audible, Amazon, and, at some point, iTunes. Enjoy!

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Quick update

Walking pneumonia is not fun. Spent most of the early part of last week feeling like a zombie (and acting like one, according to my better half.) I’m feeling much better, though I’ve still got a bit of a cough. Being sick in the summer is just not right.

The Audible version of ‘Fade’ is a wrap and should be available soon. The hamsters have been whirring away for a whileĀ – hopefully it will be popping up any day now.

Alfred Genesson over atĀ The Injustice GamerĀ put out his choices for the 2017 Dragon Awards. I’m honored and elated that he tabbed “A Place Outside The Wild” for best post-apocalyptic novel. Just to be nominated is a huge honor.

Speaking of, nominations for the Dragon are still open, still free, and stillĀ here. You still have until July 24 to get your picks in.

I’m just shy of halfway through the first draft of “A Place Called Hope”, Z-Day Book 2. Fingers crossed, it’ll be out this fall.

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Thoughts on Alien: Covenant

It was . . . not awful. Quite good in fact.

If I had to rank it, it would be below Alien/Aliens, but slightly above Alien 3 (though the reasons to downgrade it are similar) but I’ll address that in the spoilery portion.

General thoughts:

The crew was far more relatable and well-characterized than the crew of theĀ Prometheus. There were some redshirts among the bunch, but there were more than a few standouts you were rooting for. I particularly liked Danny McBride’s Tennessee and Carmine Ejogo’s doctor character, Karine. Fassbender was flat-out amazing in both roles.

The pacing was solid. We open up into a normal day aboard the colony ship, which suddenly descends into catastrophe. This gives us a chance to get a look at the crew in a crisis situation, as well as to see how they deal with the aftereffects. The answer is some better than others, but the specifics of who and why will be important later.

The tension builds slowly to the climax, backs off a bit to let you catch you breath, then amps up again for a close that never really felt like much of a threat (more on that later). This is redeemed by a pretty solid, though quirky, ending twist.

4/5. A must-watch if you’re a fan of the series.


Huge, ginormous spiders – err, spoilers – past this point.

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Ridley Scott is on thin ice

Not literally, of course.

I cut my teeth on genre fare at a young age. To put it into perspective, the first movies I remember seeing in the theater were Clash of the Titans (1981)Ā and Swamp Thing (1982). I was born in ’78, so . . . yeah.

But one series in particular holds a place of priority in my mental shelf o’ geek.
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Z-Day Book 2 Snippet

First draft is just shy of the 33% mark. I’m feeling the flow, but I’m not doing the bull dance yet – classical reference. No plot spoilers ahead.

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