Justice League is a blast. Rotten Tomatoes is not.

I’ve noticed something as an entertainment consumer here, lately. More often than not I find that I’m directly opposed to the ‘smart takes’ from the critics who we’re supposed to consider experts in the field.

Justice League has been getting trashed in the press, one way or another, since the project was announced. The original director, Zak Snyder, stepped down to a family tragedy, and was replaced by Marvel Cinematic Universe alum Joss Whedon.

After the film previewed, the “Rotten Tomatoes” aggregate score of critic reviews of the film stands, as of this moment, at a rather dismal 41%. One of the (to my mind) positive things the site has done in recent years is to display the audience reaction for contrast, and there’s an interesting disparity at play here.

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A Place Outside the Wild Takes Survival During the Zombie Apocalypse Seriously

Kind words from HP at Every Day Should Be Tuesday . . .

Every Day Should Be Tuesday

Campbellian science fiction, especially hard science fiction, gets a hard time in the quarters I run in.  Epic fantasy is denigrated in favor of slim sword and sorcery paperbacks.  I like a good pulpy adventure as much as the next guy, but I refuse to give up on my original love, epic fantasy, or my more recent discovery, hard science fiction.  Detailed worldbuilding (for the former) and limits of the science (for the latter) can, in the hands of a skilled and careful storyteller, be a wonderful tool for creating and enhancing narrative tension.  Heinlein does this masterfully with the space suit in Have Space Suit—Will Travel.  Why do I mention this in a review about a zombie book?  Because I’ve been saying for years that zombie fiction should focus more on the difficulty of survival itself, turning a zombie yarn into as much survival fiction as horror.  That…

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New release day!


There are some fun stories in this anthology. Check it out. My personal faves are the ones by Jon Del Arroz and Brad Torgerson. Seems unfair to tab my own as my fave.

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What’s next?

So, the Z-Day series is kicking butt right now and readers are loving it, but I’m certainly not resting on my laurels anytime soon. Here’s, roughly, what I’ve got on my plate for the next year:

Current work-in-progress: Night’s Black Agents, sequel to Fade. Hope to be done by end of year, should have it out late winter/early spring.

After that: Tombstones. Alt-history slash weird Western, start of a companion trilogy to the Paxton books. Mid to late summer.

A Place for War, Z-Day book 3. Maybe by the end of 2018? Not sure. It took me around 6 months to write book 2, I anticipate book 3 will be about as long, so it depends on Tombstones.

Miscellany: I have a short story in the upcoming anthology, MAGA: 2020, which comes out in a couple of weeks. I have a couple of other short story commitments to other anthologies, release dates TBD on those.

After that, time will tell, but I’ve got plenty of ideas rattling around in the ol’ noggin!

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I sat down with big-time up-and-comer Jon Del Arroz

Post-Dragon Award discussion with the Geek Gab podcast

And I also realized I never posted the LibertyCon podcast I did with Russell Newquist. Man, I’m a slacker!

I also did a Skype interview with a zombie podcast last night . . . will post that as it comes available. Pinky swear! I won’t forget this time!

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Hit up the links in the sidebar – A Place Called Hope is out in paperback and Kindle!

Advance praise:


Injustice Gamer

Russell Newquist


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Thunderbirds are go!

I’m still waiting on the widgets and sprockets to align so that the paperback release shows up on the Amazon page, but for all intents and purposes, A Place Called Hope is go for launch.

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