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My editor is hard at work on the manuscript for A Place for War, and we’re still on track for a release early next month. I’m excited to get it in your hands, the early feedback has been great.

I’m making steady progress on the third Pax book – which is what brings us here today. Read on, with the prerequisite spoiler warming if you haven’t read Night’s Black Agents.

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#FreeAwfulNovel Parts 14 and 15 – End of the Box

The epic I’ve been semi-jokingly calling my #FreeAwfulNovel is not my first book. That distinction belongs to another work that, as far as I know, I no longer have a copy of. My gut tells me that we should all be thankful for that.

In junior high and high school, we were a Commodore house. My dad and I both had 128 models. The summer I turned 16, I got my second job, and it was a dream come true for a teenage geek–I was working at Software City, a smaller chain that (surprise!) mainly sold software rather than hardware. There was a strong business focus. I would pitch in and help out in the shipping department from time to time, and I remember moving a lot of copies of Microsoft Bob for some reason.

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Cover reveal – A Place For War

’nuff said.

A Place For War EBook

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Done, done, and I’m on to the next one


Cue the victory dance*, and it’s time for a second-draft pass before handing it off to the editor and beta readers. Cover reveal to come (crosses fingers) shortly.

* My dancing skills may not be the best, but at least I’ve got a good jam:

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#FreeAwfulNovel Part 13: Nitty Gritty

The last half of the week was pretty much a morass of rain. A side benefit of being stuck inside is more time to write, at least, so I’ve broken the 100,000 word mark on A Place For War. Hopefully, I should have the first draft done in the next week or two.

In the meantime, here’s the next chunk of chapters for Warhawks. Hopefully by the time APFW is done, I’ll have some open shelf space.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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#FreeAwfulNovel Part 12: The Shortening of the Stack

I had a great Labor Day weekend, and hope yours was as well. Didn’t get much writing done, but I’m still on track to finish up A Place for War by the 30th.  In the meantime, here’s another chunk of Warhawks, in which I start culling out the stupidly huge roster of characters.


Where we’ve come from vs. where we are. Baby steps!

Looking back, scope is one of the biggest rookie mistakes I made. In trying to let each of the dozen plus characters shine, I really kept any of them from doing so. I’d have been better off focusing on, at most, two or three while interweaving their plot lines. On the bright side, I’ve been mining characters from this book for a while to use in various other works, particularly the Z-Day series, where both Sticks and Dr. Eberman have shown up.

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Let’s get it (Kick)started

Silver Empire Publishing has announced a bold new project: a shared superhero universe with multiple authors contributing their heroes and villains. If you’ve ever read the Wild Cards mosaic novels, it’s something like that – except that rather than anthology-style collections, each individual book will be a complete story, built upon by the following works.

The Rampage

Depending on what level of contribution contributors make to the Kickstarter, they’ll have their choice of add-ons or special versions of the Heroes Unlimited universe books.

If you’re the kind of reader who’s ever suffered from sequel withdrawal, have no worry: there are enough individual writers in the pipeline that Silver Empire to keep the content flowing on a very regular basis. Just like comic books used to be, back in the good old days.

And, this is a little bit of a spoiler, so keep it to yourself — they’ve currently announced the five Phase I authors, with plans to announce the Phase II authors as the campaign progresses . . . but one of them will be yours truly. So in case you were wondering if I might have too much time on my hands after the end of the Z-Day trilogy and the first Pax trilogy, have no fear. I’m planning on starting work on Vigilance at the beginning of January. So do the new guy a favor, would you? Make sure he’s got a nice universe to play around in, and check out Heroes Unlimited!


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