Man plans, God laughs

When I first started my writing career, I had some pretty firm goals in mind. I wanted to put out regular content (check) while working my day job. For the past two-and-half years, that’s gone pretty well.

In my head, I hoped I would be able to transition to writing full time after 5 years. In time, that goal stretched out to maybe more like six or seven years. There’s a Facebook group for writers with the apt name of “20booksto50K”, that meaning that with twenty books out, you should be able to pull in $50,000 a year. With six books finished, I’m just under a third of the way there. So far so good.

But, best laid plans and all that …

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Playing hooky and back to the grind

Last week, my wife and I committed one of the more controversial and horrific acts that parents can do: we took our kids out of school to go on vacation.


They’re terrified

Whether this is a good or bad thing, I’ve heard it both ways. In our case, our kids are doing well enough that neither of their teachers thought they needed to bring any work along with them. (My 6th grader was asked to put together a presentation to the class about his trip when we got home, and he knocked it out of the park by all accounts. That’s something that would have made my knees tremble when I was his age, so good job, dude.)

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Meet Saint Tommy

Several reviewers have noted Paxton’s tendency toward acting the Boy Scout in the first two books. To some extent, that tendency is turned a bit upside down in the next book but … that would get into spoiler territory and we’re not here to talk about that, today.

The titular star of Declan Finn’s new urban fantasy series is one Detective Thomas Nolan, and he is not just a Boy Scout, he is a literal saint. Which comes in handy, considering Saint Tommy resides in a New York City infested with the forces of darkness.

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Disclaimer: I don’t do cookbooks

In Stephen King’s novel The Dark Half, writer Thad Beaumont is terrorized by the living embodiment of his pen name, a doppelganger calling itself George Stark. Evil duplicates are nothing new in genre fiction; Jordan Peele’s follow-up to Get Out, the film Us, looks to use that trope to creepy effect. Seriously. Check out the trailer. (Potential review once it’s out, for sure!)

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In the can

Book 3 of the Paxton Locke series, Come, Seeling Night — is complete.

On to the next one.



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2018 Year in Review

As I creep around third base toward home on Come, Seeling Night, it occurs to me that this has been a pretty amazing year.

  • In February, I contributed a story to the Secret Stairs anthology, which ended up being a #1 Amazon bestseller. Just an FYI, my entry in the anthology has a few Easter Eggs to Fade and the larger Paxtonverse.
  • I signed with Silver Empire, and in May, they re-released Fade.
  • In June, Silver Empire published Night’s Black Agents, the second Paxtonverse book.
  • In October, I published the final volume of the first Z-Day trilogy, A Place for War.
  • And, to cap off the year, I contributed a story to Cannon Publishing’s Hundred Worlds anthology, which has also flirted with bestseller status.

    Here’s hoping that 2019 will be bigger and better! I’ve got a few irons in the fire at moment, and while release dates remain TBD, I’m working on or plan to work on:

  • An anthology set in the Z-Day universe. This will expand on the story in locales as-yet unvisited, and tie into the existing canon in some pretty fun ways.
  • The third Paxtonverse book, Come, Seeling Night, should be out in Q1 of next year.
  • Silver Empire will be publishing my entry to their Heroes Unleashed shared universe, Vigilance.
  • After that? One of two projects — a Paxtonverse prequel, Tombstones, or Pax book 4, The Sacred Radiance. Maybe even both. Which would you prefer to see first, my friendly neighborhood reader?
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New launch announcement: The Hundred Worlds

Considering some of the other (unpublished) stuff I’ve written, it seems to strange to say that my story in the upcoming anthology The Hundred Worlds dips my toe into more pure science fiction waters, but there it is. It’s an interesting shared universe, and the story was a fun little diversion to write while I was working on A Place for War.


The main character, Reed Dyson, is a lot of fun to write, so (hint, hint!) check it out here and maybe I’ll get the chance to return to him in the not-so-distant future.

Meanwhile, work progresses well on Come, Seeling Night, and I should have it turned into the publisher by the end of next month. As always, I appreciate your support. Here’s hoping your holidays are awesome!

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A Place For War Completes My All-Time Favorite Zombie Series

Wow, high praise from H.P. @ Every Day Should Be Tuesday.

Every Day Should Be Tuesday

Daniel Humphrey’s Z-Day now-complete trilogy is awesome.  I would say it is my favorite all-time zombie series, but I haven’t read all that many zombie series.  Buy, yes, it is my favorite all-time zombie series.  And I don’t have to tell you it’s awesome if you’ve read the first two books.  If you haven’t, start with my review of book one.

Like book 2, book 3 is as much military SF as it is a post-apocalyptic book.  Miles returns after being largely absent from book 2, but the action remains far away from the rechristened Hope.

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Quick updates

  • I’m at the halfway point of Come, Seeling Night, and on track to turn it into the publisher before the end of the year.
  • Author Vicki Wootton did an interview with me for her blog. That sort of thing is still surreal to me.
  • The first two books of the Z-Day series are on a Kindle Countdown deal to coincide with the launch of the third.
  • Fade and Night’s Black Agents are now available in hardback (!). The links in the sidebar will take you where you need to go.
  • ’nuff said.
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Review: Aliens (The Essential Comics Vol. 1)

The films Alien and Aliens have been two of my favorites since I saw the first in 4th or 5th grade. This was the dark era (before Blockbuster) when new-release movies cost well in excess of $100 and rentals from the mom-and-pop video stores required a credit card or a canceled check on file. Both of those were out of reach for my precocious self, and as far as my mom was concerned, if I couldn’t check it out of the library, I didn’t need to see it. Continue reading

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