Quick update – what’s in the pipeline?

I’m currently about 14,000 words into the sequel for “A Place Outside The Wild.” It’s coming together well. I’m doing some interesting things with story structure. Hopefully, dear reader, you aren’t too attached to certain POV characters from the first book. Not that anything bad is necessarily going to happen – just that for some folks, it doesn’t make sense for them to be front and center as the action shifts. Still on track for release this fall, knock on wood.

I’ve also written about 2,000 words to the followup to “Fade”, though I’m trying to keep the focus on the Z-Day series at the moment. As I get ideas and plot points I’m jotting them down, but it’s also a nice way to work through writer’s block. If I get stuck on something with Z-Day I’ll work on Paxton for a bit. It’s a nice mental palate cleanser and I avoid days with little or no production.

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Advanced praise for Fade, and a freebie!

Sci-fi writer extraordinaire Jon Del Arroz liked Fade quite a bit.

As a little release-date goodie, A Place Outside The Wild is currently free on Amazon.

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Book Review – Chasing Freedom

Superversive SF has a great review of Marina Fontaine’s ‘Chasing Freedom.’

I can’t add much to what is a fine review other than to say one aspect of the book that I found most interesting was the relative lack of action compared to what one might expect from the genre.

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Fade is up for pre-order

The hamsters are still churning their wheels at the ‘zon, so it’s not fully linked to my author profile and the paperback is not yet showing, but it’s there.

I spent 18 months writing and polishing “A Place Outside The Wild”, so the fact that I was able to get something else out the door just a bit less than six months later still feels surreal.

If all goes well, the sequel, “Nights Black Agents”, should be out around the same time next year. Of course, the funny thing is, I’m currently writing the sequel to Wild and little ideas and plot points for Agents keep popping into my head. I had an absolute blast writing Fade and sowing the seeds for what’s to come. I hope you like it as well.

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A little of this, a little of that

I’m involved in a fun little Valentine’s Day giveaway. You could win some chocolate and one of several prize packages with free eBooks. Not sure how chocolate applies to zombies, but hey, Valentine’s Day, right? The folks behind it are also interviewing the authors involved to get our take on the genre.

Contest entry

Interview with yours truly

Also, Dragon Award Nominations are now open. Alfred Genesson over at Injustice Gamer gave me one of the best reviews I’ve had yet, and an endorsement I didn’t expect.

If you’d like to nominate “A Place Outside The Wild” for a Dragon Award in the category of post-apocalyptic fiction, nominations can be made here. There’s no charge to register, it just takes an e-mail address.

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Beating deadlines

Is it really a deadline if you set it for yourself?

I published ‘A Place Outside The Wild’ on September 13. After spending quite a bit of time on marketing and fixing errors that snuck through the revision process (ugh), I settled down to the actual nuts-and-bolts of writing ‘Fade’ at the beginning of October.

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Fade is a wrap

Finished print layout this evening. Need to go over it a few times to polish out any hiccups, but I should meet my self-imposed deadline of March 1, knock on wood.

And while I wait on cover design, it’s time to start ‘A Place Called Hope’. I will be the first to admit that the predecessor took a while to get going, but I already have several action sequences that I’m itching to write. It’s going to start off with a bang.

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