I haven’t been slacking, I promise

Life has a tendency to sneak up on you when you least expect it, and things have been crazy busy for the last few months. Since my last post, Places Beyond the Wild launched and got a coveted Amazon “orange tag” signifying it’s best-seller status for its category. I’m more than a little proud of that, but I’m also happy for the authors that contributed to the anthology and made it such a resounding success. If you haven’t read it, go do that now, and then come on back. I can wait.

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Release date roundup!

Places Beyond the Wild will be out for a  Z-Day (October 18)  November 15 release. I was hoping to have it out sooner, but it didn’t work out. Link in the sidebar will go live as soon as I have it. I’ m planning on writing a longer post closer to release day detailing how the project came together, but in terms of canon, Places is, indeed, book 4 of the Z-Day series. That’s partly to keep things organized on Amazon, and partly to make it simpler for the reader. All things considered, it’s easier than finding a recent book, going through the series checklist in the front, and having the bookstore or library special order it, right? Maybe someday I’ll write a retrospective on all the time I spent going through Publisher’s Guide at the circulation desk. End aside.

On Halloween, the shared universe anthology JTF 13 drops. It’s a bit like the Paxtonverse, but with less magic and more high explosives. You can order it here.


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Road trip! … and other updates

I’m taking the show westerly (westish?) early next month. If central Missouri is convenient to you, stop on by!


And how about that? Z-Day is, in case you missed the updated pictures in the sidebar, an official Amazon bestseller, with both A Place Outside the Wild and A Place Called Hope hitting (and sitting!) in the top rank for their category.

Which is well-timed, because you’ll be able to snag the fourth book in the series very soon.


Places has been a fun project, and I’m excited for you to get your hands on it. I’ve posted my opening story here on the blog, and it leads into a great assortment of takes on what happened in other parts of the world while Miles and the gang did their thing in central Indiana. Zombies, vikings, and bears? Oh, my!

And, to close the anthology out, I give a little bit of a sneak peek at the direction of the series going forward. Watch this space for release date updates, but we’re shooting for sooner rather than later.

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The Z-Day universe is expanding

I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again now: I fully intended A Place Outside the Wild to be a standalone novel. I wrote it to get the beast out of my head, so I could focus on the Paxton books (which have been living in my head, in one for or another, for about twenty-five years now. Maybe one day I’ll dig around and see if I can find the first story I wrote in the universe for entertainment purposes. It’s basically Die Hard in a police precinct with Pax standing in for John McClane and vampires instead of terrorists.)

Back to Z-Day, somewhere along the way I realized I’d not only left things hanging for the reader, I had a huge chunk of story left to tell. Man plans, and all that. To keep things from getting too crazy long, I ended A Place Called Hope on a cliffhanger. (One reviewer groused that I did so because I didn’t know where the story was going. Gave me a pretty good laugh.) With book three, I breathed a sigh of relief, because I’d mostly wrapped it up in a nice little bow … except for the ever-present question in a writer’s head.

“What next?”

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New launches, early goodies, and you!

Lest you think I’ve been slacking, the audio releases of A Place Called Hope and A Place for War are live on Audible. The latest Pax book, has a smoking cover and is available for pre-order on Amazon in paperback and hardcover. No worries, Kindle will be available on launch day, as well. If you can’t wait till then, well, you’re in luck!

Come, Seeling Night Thumbnail

The publisher for the Pax books has opened their own ecommerce store, and if you need to have Come, Seeling Night in your hands right this very second, you can get it before it’s widely available for a limited time and at a discount.

Check out the Silver Empire store and get your copy today, before everyone else!

Next post, I’ll have a LibertyCon report as well as another launch announcement. See you then!

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Audio versions of Z-Day 2 and 3 will be available SOON and other updates

I had an interesting time finding a new narrator for the Z-Day series, and there were more than a few false starts on the way. If it took all that to find the right man, it’s worth it, because I’m ecstatic with my new narrator, Tom Calhoun.

Tom is not only a great narrator, he’s also the public address announcer for the St. Louis Blues hockey team! Somehow, in between announcing the games of what’s been a tight series thus far (they go into a decisive game 7 tonight!) he managed to narrate A Place Called Hope and A Place for War back to back and on schedule.

. . .

After being lightly flogged by my editor and beta readers, Come, Seeling Night is ready to roll. We’re just waiting on cover art to officially launch.

. . .

My job situation turned out better than all right, and I start at my new workplace next week. The only wrench that might throw in the works is vacation time. I still hope to make it down to LibertyCon in late June, but that’s a bit up in the air. Fingers crossed that gets worked out. And that’s all I’ve got for now – hope everyone has an awesome summer, I know I’m ready for the warm weather.


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The Silence (2019) Review

Fair warning: I’m going to spoil the identity of the monsters in Netflix’s original film The Silence. If only because going by the trailers you’d assume that they’re bats.

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Shazam! review

The family and I lucked into another sneak peak last night, and got to see Shazam two weeks before its official release date.

I grew up reading Batman and The Punisher, but Captain Mar … err, Shazam, will always hold a special place for me because of my grandparents. Most weekends, I spent Friday nights at their house, and Saturday morning, no matter what grandma cooked up for breakfast, I ate on a very special placemat.

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Man plans, God laughs

When I first started my writing career, I had some pretty firm goals in mind. I wanted to put out regular content (check) while working my day job. For the past two-and-half years, that’s gone pretty well.

In my head, I hoped I would be able to transition to writing full time after 5 years. In time, that goal stretched out to maybe more like six or seven years. There’s a Facebook group for writers with the apt name of “20booksto50K”, that meaning that with twenty books out, you should be able to pull in $50,000 a year. With six books finished, I’m just under a third of the way there. So far so good.

But, best laid plans and all that …

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Playing hooky and back to the grind

Last week, my wife and I committed one of the more controversial and horrific acts that parents can do: we took our kids out of school to go on vacation.


They’re terrified

Whether this is a good or bad thing, I’ve heard it both ways. In our case, our kids are doing well enough that neither of their teachers thought they needed to bring any work along with them. (My 6th grader was asked to put together a presentation to the class about his trip when we got home, and he knocked it out of the park by all accounts. That’s something that would have made my knees tremble when I was his age, so good job, dude.)

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