Where’s Paxton?

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering where Paxton Locke’s wandered off to. Sadly, the publisher for that series, Silver Empire, is shutting its doors. The pandemic was a tough time for the industry. You’d think that lockdowns and quarantines would make for good reading time. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t feel like reading much of anything. I spent way too much time (when I wasn’t working) binge-watching movies and bad TV shows. Hello, Tiger King.

The rights to the Paxton series are now back in my hands, and I’ll be beginning the process shortly to get them back up and available. Kindle Unlimited members may be happy with those eventual plans – but perhaps not right away.

I’m considering a Kickstarter relaunch of the series, with some fun reward tiers for contributors. Want to be a redshirt in Star Trek fashion? Want a set of autographed hardcovers?

How about we go really crazy and do some limited, leather-bound collector’s editions? I’m still mulling it over, but if you have any ideas, hit me up. Paxton’s like a bad penny. Sooner or later, he’s bound to turn up.

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