Apologies for the dust

I’ve been meaning to do a revamp of the blog for a while now, but finding time to sit down and do so has been tough. Conveniently (or inconveniently) some developments have … I wouldn’t say “forced my hand”, but they have certainly pushed those desires to the forefront.

I’ll go into more detail soon, once everything is finalized, but I’ve been asked about setting up some form of tip jar more than once. If you look in the header above, it’s there. If you’re a fan of my work and would like to support me in some way, it’s right there for you. Going forward, I want to look into setting up some subscriber-exclusive content. I’m not sure if that will involve something like Patreon or if the blog tools are robust enough to handle it, but I’m looking into it. I haven’t fully developed what I’d like to make exclusive, but it will most certainly include things like sneak peeks at chapters, opportunities for redshirting or cameos, and previews of cover art. Interested in anything else? Let me know! I want to make this as fun and interactive as possible.

The other thing that the aforementioned developments play into was my desire to set up an eCommerce store. The pandemic really wreaked havoc on the convention scene, and I know that there are a lot of you out there that are interested in signed copies that might not necessarily be close enough to something like DragonCon or LibertyCon to make that happen. Well, you’re in luck, because the next step in my agenda is to make that happen. More on that as it comes live.

Keep an eye out, more updates are coming soon!

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