Of prequels and podcasts

Hello again! I was honored to be a guest on The Writer’s Room podcast with Cat Rocha and J.Ishiro Finney last night. I had a great time and there was some interesting back and forth. Give it a watch, and check out some of their other interviews!

I’m also excited to announce I’ve got a short story in the upcoming urban fantasy anthology Punching Demons. Hopefully, fans of Paxton Locke will enjoy it as it’s a story that I’ve referred to several times in the series–the when Paxton first started making house calls. One in particular went spectacularly awry. The collection is tentatively penciled in for an early summer release, and I’ll be sure to give you a head’s up when that’s available to pick up.

Work continues on A Vital Breath and A Place for Peace, so again, keep an eye out for snippets and cover art sneak peeks as they come in. Until then, happy reading!

Edit – well, this is weird. For some reason the video of the podcast is no longer available. I never would have thought that I’d be TOO HOT for YouTube … but here we are.

Secondary link here:

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