A pair of new releases

It’s been a while, but you’ll forgive me. When things go kablooey at the day job, there’s a lot less of the time budget for the fun things. That should hopefully be coming to a close. In the meantime, we’ve got launch day!

First up is the audiobook release of The Sacred Radiance. Scott knocked this one out of the park, as per usual. And from the volume of requests I get, I know the audio versions are well-received. You can grab it from Audible / Amazon.

Next up is a story that’s been a long time coming. I was invited to write a story for Bill Webb’s Hit World universe … last summer, sometime? That seems right, though it feels like much longer. I think we can all agree that Covid-time is both slower and faster than “normal” time.

Anyway, Bill’s intro to the series is an absolute blast of a book called The Trashman. It’s a combination of multiple genres that I wouldn’t have thought would work, but it absolutely does.

It’s not necessary to pick up the first book in the series, as this most recent release is an anthology of shorts, but I think it’s a great step-off point to the larger universe Bill is building.

In You Pay, We Slay, the collected authors play in a world where assassination was legalized and corporatized. Add interdimensional beings, magic, and all sorts of odd things that go bump in the night, and you get the entertainment equivalent of a meat lover’s pizza.

In my own story, I blend a bit of my own personal experiences in corporate IT with Bill’s world and ponder – just what would the IT department of a corporation built on professional killing look like? Pick up You Pay, We Slay and find out!

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