Tags and tunes for the Paxtonverse

There were plenty of new visitors to the world of Paxton Locke today, courtesy of the eBook promotion site BookBub. If that’s what led you here, welcome! And thanks for the support, it means that nearly three years after release, Fade is now a bestseller.


That’s the coveted Amazon “orange tag,” and as you can see in the sidebar I’ve amassed a pretty good collection of them. 😉

I’m making great progress on Paxton book 4. I’ve passed the halfway point, and as the saying goes, it’s all downhill from here. But as always – it’s going be a rough ride for Pax and the gang, maybe even rougher than the norm.

One thing I haven’t talked much about is the influence of music on my writing. This came up on a Twitter thread the other day, and I was actually surprised by the number of other writers who do so in silence. I don’t know if my typical writing environment is just louder than most, or what. Starbucks is admittedly hit or miss. My local public library is pretty nice, but they don’t have coffee. So, to get my caffeine fix, I usually wear headphones. I typically have a Spotify playlist for each book universe, and while there’s some crossover here and there, the types of music in Z-Day and Paxton are usually pretty different.

The interesting thing that’s popped up while writing The Sacred Radiance is the fact that so much of the music in the Paxton playlist is thematically linked to the first three books in the series. Pax is obviously in a much different place now than he was in Fade, so the songs don’t necessarily ‘fit’ anymore.

As a result, I’ve branched out a bit, giving TSR its own playlist, which follows. Let me know which songs you think go with each character, and be sure to look for the next installment later in the spring!


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