Release date roundup!

Places Beyond the Wild will be out for a  Z-Day (October 18)  November 15 release. I was hoping to have it out sooner, but it didn’t work out. Link in the sidebar will go live as soon as I have it. I’ m planning on writing a longer post closer to release day detailing how the project came together, but in terms of canon, Places is, indeed, book 4 of the Z-Day series. That’s partly to keep things organized on Amazon, and partly to make it simpler for the reader. All things considered, it’s easier than finding a recent book, going through the series checklist in the front, and having the bookstore or library special order it, right? Maybe someday I’ll write a retrospective on all the time I spent going through Publisher’s Guide at the circulation desk. End aside.

On Halloween, the shared universe anthology JTF 13 drops. It’s a bit like the Paxtonverse, but with less magic and more high explosives. You can order it here.


Things are proceeding well with Vigilance. I honestly have no idea when that one will be out, it’s a shared universe and last I checked, there are at least two or three books in the series ahead of it in the release pipeline. Figure sometime next year. Superheroes, drug runners, and debates on the morality of vengeance.

After that, before we roll around to 2020 (where does the time go?!?), I’ll be starting on the next two Paxtonverse books and should make the normal early summer release for book 4, The Sacred Radiance. If I can pull it off, book 5, titled Massive Spoiler, should be out not too long after. I may regret the self-imposed pressure, but I hope to also have Z-Day book 5, A Place for Peace in your hands this time next year.

Check out the links to the right now, so you’re caught up when the time comes!

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2 Responses to Release date roundup!

  1. diane williams says:

    you might not want to hear this but your 3 zombie books were very excellent and i would love to read a book no 4 , but it sounds like that isn’t going to happen. a place outside the wild and the next 2 books were very very good. maybe you will decide in the future to continue with those characters. i will keep watching, thank you diane williams

    • danielshumphreys says:

      In the future releases, Molly and the younger generation will increasingly take the reins as they age, but the others will still be around. Thanks for reading!

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