Road trip! … and other updates

I’m taking the show westerly (westish?) early next month. If central Missouri is convenient to you, stop on by!


And how about that? Z-Day is, in case you missed the updated pictures in the sidebar, an official Amazon bestseller, with both A Place Outside the Wild and A Place Called Hope hitting (and sitting!) in the top rank for their category.

Which is well-timed, because you’ll be able to snag the fourth book in the series very soon.


Places has been a fun project, and I’m excited for you to get your hands on it. I’ve posted my opening story here on the blog, and it leads into a great assortment of takes on what happened in other parts of the world while Miles and the gang did their thing in central Indiana. Zombies, vikings, and bears? Oh, my!

And, to close the anthology out, I give a little bit of a sneak peek at the direction of the series going forward. Watch this space for release date updates, but we’re shooting for sooner rather than later.

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1 Response to Road trip! … and other updates

  1. Christopher J. Sheehy says:

    Soooooo psyched.

    Also, whoever you hired to do the artwork/layout of the cover has done a great job–and good to see the consistency in the art.

    Write faster!

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