Audio versions of Z-Day 2 and 3 will be available SOON and other updates

I had an interesting time finding a new narrator for the Z-Day series, and there were more than a few false starts on the way. If it took all that to find the right man, it’s worth it, because I’m ecstatic with my new narrator, Tom Calhoun.

Tom is not only a great narrator, he’s also the public address announcer for the St. Louis Blues hockey team! Somehow, in between announcing the games of what’s been a tight series thus far (they go into a decisive game 7 tonight!) he managed to narrate A Place Called Hope and A Place for War back to back and on schedule.

. . .

After being lightly flogged by my editor and beta readers, Come, Seeling Night is ready to roll. We’re just waiting on cover art to officially launch.

. . .

My job situation turned out better than all right, and I start at my new workplace next week. The only wrench that might throw in the works is vacation time. I still hope to make it down to LibertyCon in late June, but that’s a bit up in the air. Fingers crossed that gets worked out. And that’s all I’ve got for now – hope everyone has an awesome summer, I know I’m ready for the warm weather.


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