Man plans, God laughs

When I first started my writing career, I had some pretty firm goals in mind. I wanted to put out regular content (check) while working my day job. For the past two-and-half years, that’s gone pretty well.

In my head, I hoped I would be able to transition to writing full time after 5 years. In time, that goal stretched out to maybe more like six or seven years. There’s a Facebook group for writers with the apt name of “20booksto50K”, that meaning that with twenty books out, you should be able to pull in $50,000 a year. With six books finished, I’m just under a third of the way there. So far so good.

But, best laid plans and all that …

A few days ago I and many other employees at my company received word that our jobs were being outsourced. Quite a shock for several reasons, the least of which was the fact that my division was supposed to be one of the bright and shining stars of the company. As I jokingly told my wife, it felt a lot like a cruel end to a long-term relationship. I’ve worked for the company for literally more than half my life — I started four months after I graduated high school, and worked my way up from there.

For better or worse (and mostly better), after 23 years, I’m moving on. And, hopefully I’m not tempting fate by saying I’m going to keep writing and working toward that full-time goal. In the midst of all this, I just finished the final round of sanding and polishing with the editor on Come, Seeling Night and hope to have it out in the not-too-distant future.

Until then?

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