2018 Year in Review

As I creep around third base toward home on Come, Seeling Night, it occurs to me that this has been a pretty amazing year.

  • In February, I contributed a story to the Secret Stairs anthology, which ended up being a #1 Amazon bestseller. Just an FYI, my entry in the anthology has a few Easter Eggs to Fade and the larger Paxtonverse.
  • I signed with Silver Empire, and in May, they re-released Fade.
  • In June, Silver Empire published Night’s Black Agents, the second Paxtonverse book.
  • In October, I published the final volume of the first Z-Day trilogy, A Place for War.
  • And, to cap off the year, I contributed a story to Cannon Publishing’s Hundred Worlds anthology, which has also flirted with bestseller status.

    Here’s hoping that 2019 will be bigger and better! I’ve got a few irons in the fire at moment, and while release dates remain TBD, I’m working on or plan to work on:

  • An anthology set in the Z-Day universe. This will expand on the story in locales as-yet unvisited, and tie into the existing canon in some pretty fun ways.
  • The third Paxtonverse book, Come, Seeling Night, should be out in Q1 of next year.
  • Silver Empire will be publishing my entry to their Heroes Unleashed shared universe, Vigilance.
  • After that? One of two projects — a Paxtonverse prequel, Tombstones, or Pax book 4, The Sacred Radiance. Maybe even both. Which would you prefer to see first, my friendly neighborhood reader?
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