#FreeAwfulNovel Part 12: The Shortening of the Stack

I had a great Labor Day weekend, and hope yours was as well. Didn’t get much writing done, but I’m still on track to finish up A Place for War by the 30th.  In the meantime, here’s another chunk of Warhawks, in which I start culling out the stupidly huge roster of characters.


Where we’ve come from vs. where we are. Baby steps!

Looking back, scope is one of the biggest rookie mistakes I made. In trying to let each of the dozen plus characters shine, I really kept any of them from doing so. I’d have been better off focusing on, at most, two or three while interweaving their plot lines. On the bright side, I’ve been mining characters from this book for a while to use in various other works, particularly the Z-Day series, where both Sticks and Dr. Eberman have shown up.

On the bright side, if you were starved for action in earlier pieces, the last part of the book is pretty much loaded. Enjoy the awful!

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