2017 Dragon Awards Ballot

H.P. at Every Day Should Be Tuesday lays out some of his Dragon Award picks . . .

Every Day Should Be Tuesday

The Dragon Awards, associated with massive multi-media con DragonCon, are in their second year.  Unlike the Nebulas, which limit voting to SFWA members, and the Hugos, which limit voting to WorldCon members, the Dragon Awards open voting to anyone interested.  There are definite limitations to this approach, but given that the Nebulas and the Hugos already exist, it makes sense to take such a markedly different approach to voting.

It especially makes sense given that one of the rejoinders to criticism of the insularity of the Hugos—despite the fact that they are effectively open to anyone willing to pay $40—was “go create your own award.”  Disgruntled Hugos voters were happy to see just that happen.  So have we come to a happy conclusion to the political fights over the Hugos?  No.

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