Dude, where’s your blog?

Yeah, yeah, I know. No real updates in a while. Short and sweet? Had a week off in July, enjoyed it. Came back to the day job, did not enjoy it. In the meantime, I’ve kicked into a higher-gear on “A Place Called Hope” and should be done soon. Depending on cover art and edits, it should be out before Halloween. When I get a spare moment here and there I’ve been storyboarding ‘Night’s Black Agents’. That, on the bright side, should be a quicker task than Hope. I’d like to have it out early next year. And then it’ll be onto “Project X” (muahahahah!) which I’m not going to officially announce until I actually start writing it.

Next few weeks will be more of the same – write, write, write. Although, I will fully admit I am planning on giving myself some time off this weekend to catch The Dark Tower. Expectations are meh at this point, but I’ll have a review up after. On the bright side, at least the saga didn’t end with the gut-punch that was the end of the 7th book in the series.

I’ve also gotten an early copy of an upcoming book that is both well-written and unique. I’ll have more info up on that in the coming weeks, along with an interview of the very talented author.

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