Quick update

Walking pneumonia is not fun. Spent most of the early part of last week feeling like a zombie (and acting like one, according to my better half.) I’m feeling much better, though I’ve still got a bit of a cough. Being sick in the summer is just not right.

The Audible version of ‘Fade’ is a wrap and should be available soon. The hamsters have been whirring away for a while – hopefully it will be popping up any day now.

Alfred Genesson over at The Injustice Gamer put out his choices for the 2017 Dragon Awards. I’m honored and elated that he tabbed “A Place Outside The Wild” for best post-apocalyptic novel. Just to be nominated is a huge honor.

Speaking of, nominations for the Dragon are still open, still free, and still here. You still have until July 24 to get your picks in.

I’m just shy of halfway through the first draft of “A Place Called Hope”, Z-Day Book 2. Fingers crossed, it’ll be out this fall.

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