Guest Blogger: Nick Cole

CTRL ALT REVOLT is a great book.I highly recommend it!

Hall & Beaulieu

71PkC-LCoqL._UX250_.jpgNever mind The Bullydom of Writing

I’m going to be blunt here. Sorry not sorry. But a lot of writers are jerks. In fact, more than that they’re bullies. Whether it’s aggressive, or passive, you’re going to find out in the wild west of Indie and Trad pub that there’s a lot of intellectual snobbery going ‘round about what you can, and can’t, write. What you can and can’t talk about.

And it’s all bogus.

Sure, it’s there. But never mind it. People are going to tell you, y’know… confidentially back channel and all, that your opinions are bad for your career. Bad for sales. You won’t get into the cool parties at WorldCon. Biggest of wigs might not like you.


Unless that is… you have the right opinions. Then you can just JAM those into your books and download your deranged thoughts on gender, sexuality, and the death…

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