Yes, Virginia, there will be a sequel

Just shy of two months in, ‘A Place Outside The Wild’ is doing amazingly well – far better, in fact, than I dared allow myself to hope. When writing it, whenever I had the urge to pat myself on the back and say, ‘this might do all right’, I would force my expectations lower. So needless to say it’s been a pleasant surprise.

I’m currently working on something quite different that should be, at the very least, a trilogy. The funny thing is, neither work is what I really wanted to write when I got myself back in writing gear last summer. I really, really wanted to write a horror/Western. I have it almost completely plotted out, in fact. It’s called ‘Tombstones’.

Yup, believe it or not, I had absolutely zero desire to write a zombie book. But . . .

Inspiration, the muse, is a funny thing. Miles, Charlie and the guys just kind of kept walking around the back of my head, beating on the walls and trying to get out. It was, frankly, annoying, and they wouldn’t listen to reason. ‘Zombies are over-saturated, where were you five years ago? Go away, I’ll put you in something else!’ Didn’t work. It didn’t help that I kept seeing little muse-inspiring scenes as I drove around, day-to-day. The depot of telephone poles mentioned in ‘Wild’? Couple of miles from my house. And so on.

So I wrote it, and I told myself all the while, “make it stand-alone, make it stand-alone and move on.”

Yeah. Not so much.

So while I’m currently residing in the world of Paxton Locke, paranormal garbage man, in ‘Fade’, I keep getting little ideas here and there. So, sorry ‘Tombstones’, you’re getting pushed back yet again.

So yes, beta readers, reviewers (you guys rock – seriously!), there will be a sequel, titled ‘A Place Called Hope’. And that will be it.



I totally mean it this time.


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4 Responses to Yes, Virginia, there will be a sequel

  1. Tammy al-Thor says:

    Great news!!
    Keep us updated on the HQ!

  2. Peggs Coffey says:

    Thank you! But “Tombstones” sounds good too.

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